​Sports Combo Jumper
               $130 Dry only
               Size 13x24x17

    Water Slide
Pink Bouncer Jumper
                  Size 13x18x17
            With Basketball hoop                                  and any banner                                        $80                     
Size 13x13

Rental Agreement:
Renter must be al least 18 years or older with a valid Drivers License or ID Card to sign the Rental Agreement. Before you sign the Rental Agreement check and count all your equipment. Remember you are responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged rental equipment.

You may cancel your order up to 48 hours. If you decide to cancel your order less than 48 hours from the time of delivery there will be a $20 cancellation fee. All deposits are non refundable.

Park Rentals: 
Customer must obtain a permit first from the city or park.
If the park does not have electrical outlets, you must provide your own generator or you can rent one from us. Our generator rentals are $50.
Please give us a call to verify if we deliver to your city park. Some cities do not allow jumpers at some of their recreational parks.

We offer attendants to supervise all of our games and bouncers at a flat rate of $25 per hour, minimum of 4 hours.
Bouncer Rules:
Adult supervision is required at all times
No silly string!
No food, gum, toys, shoes, hard objects, drinks, or sharp objects are allowed inside the jumper
No back flips, wrestling, fighting, boxing or hanging from the net inside or outside the jumper
Do not let the jumper rub against any surface
Do not move the jumper from the location where it was set-up
Do not let jumpers get wet (exceptions are water slides) or there will be a $45 cleaning fee applied
If jumpers are excessively dirty there will be a $25 cleaning fee charged
Combo slides can NOT be placed on dirt, rocks, gravel or sand (grass or cement only)
* If disinflation occurs everyone must Exit Immediately
   Small Water Slide
Size 5-1/2 x 18 x 8
slide 5 feet tall

With Basketball hoop 
and any banner 
Size 13x13

Rainbow Castle
Rainbow Bouncer
Many Banners to choose from
Many Banners to choose from
Many Banners to choose from
With Basketball hoop 
and any banner 
Size 13x13

  Size 7x7

​Small Toddlers jumper
  Huge Water Slide
                  Size 11x38x16
Chopperville Toddlers playground jumper
  Size 15x20x8